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Herôme, the market leader in hand and nail care, released millions of women of their nail problems.

Every woman wants beautiful and well-tended hands and nails. Your hands are your business card! Herôme is the specialist in hand and nail care and provides a solution for any nail problem.
The products do what they promise. They are of high quality and are quickly and efficiently used. Lose no time and still have an optimal nail care. Beautiful nails and healthy cuticles!

All Herôme products are not tested on animals .

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World's first organic hand and nail care range,
for a better and more beautiful world.

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We eat and live more consciously.

Also in the glamor world of beauty products, the interest in natural products for daily use grows.
More friendly for the skin and the environment.

It's not a trend, but a way of life

Made as mildly as possible

Natural ingredients

Free of dyes and parabens

Enriched with stem cells of the Swiss apple, naturally harvested Moringa oil and mild almond oil

Natural preservatives

A green perfume without allergens

Animal test free 


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