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LiLiÓ Amsterdam: the most colourful accessory brands, from Amsterdam The Netherlands. LiLiÓ is born out of a love for print and design, an admiration of the women’s accessory, and a unique perspective on colour. LiLiÓ introduces a recognizably exuberantlifestyle and represents a high quality product with an incredible amount of fun. 

LiLiÓ Amsterdam is introduced in 2017 and marries a remarkable quality of design, introduced by Oilily-founder Marieke Olsthoorn, with the fresh perspective of bag designer Leontine Hagoort. LiLiÓ introduces a functional and superbly finished collection of accessories. 

LiLiÓ is created in LiLiÓ’s Laboratory: a metaphor for a never-ending stream of creativity supplied by the LiLiÓ team and the young creative minds that help create our brand. There are no conventions or restrictions, only the faith in each individual’s unique vision and their desire to create. They eagerly swim against an endless stream of black leather bags to offer something different and unexpected. Colour is what they do, print is the language they share, and the Lab exudes both a youthful naivety and an experienced know-how. In the end, exciting new conventions are created, with a keen eye for quality, a lust for joy, and a celebration of abundance in each and every LiLiÓ item. 

LiLiÓ Amsterdam is the new brainchild of Oilily-founder Willem Olsthoorn and designer Leontine Hagoort. Willem introduced us in the 60’s of the 20th century, together with his partner Marieke, to a revolution of design and fashion. Subtle but striking colour combinations, a wonderful layeredness in print, and undeniably playful designs and shapes. This classic design signature, partnered with a keen eye for detail and finish, has stood the test of time.

As a true patron of the arts, they gathered a talented group of creators and creative minds who loved their vision. Without realizing it, they were standing at the cradle of something bigger then themselves: a fashion heritage that has stayed relevant in the world of fashion and design until the present day. A uniquely colourful perspective that has a strong following of fashion lovers that desire something out of the box. The creative team of LiLiÓ transforms this characteristic design with a 21st century eye.

The LiLiÓ Amsterdam team, under supervision of accessory designer Leontine Hagoort, was formed under the watchful eye of Marieke, for whom our designers have made prints and artworks, designed bags, and have contributed to the heritage of the movement. Now it’s their turn to take the lead. Their unique background has resulted in a carefree and unrestricted way of designing. It is the backbone of our brand. Colour and print is in our DNA.    

The following principles are the pillars of LiLiÓ Amsterdam

(1)    An Irrefutable admiration for prints and the printmaker

(2)    A unique LiLiÓ perspective on colour combinations

(3)    A self-evident functionality in each LiLiÓ product

LiLiÓ is a creative fashion laboratory, introducing refreshing handmade designs, an abundance of color, and a functional elegance. Each LiLiÓ accessory is a statement of pure, unadulterated joy.  LiLiÓ is part of a melting pot of cultural influences; full of nostalgic whims and inspired by the urban world where nature meets structure, novelty meets tradition, and people meet people…

We are LiLiÓ, nice to meet you!

VALUES artwork black - kopie.jpg