MOSQUITNO provides a new way of looking at products that protect us.

Protecting our skin previously meant using sticky lubricants including the toxic substance DEET.

We thought; ‘this can be done with more fun and functionality’. We developed products that are easy-to-use and above all fun to use, this is very different from the current generation of sprays and sticks!

MosquitNo is well known for the trendy product range called 'easy care', that is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide, since it's introduction in 2009. After lengthy research MosquitNo developed a silicone which can absorb the ingrediënt Citronella or Ciriodiol and let them gradually evaporate the odor. Through this technology we are able to develop new product concepts which connect with current trends for safe and user friendly solutions. An extra advantage of these products is the availability of different colors and trendy designs.

An easy, quick and natural solution!

MosquitNo developed a complete and unique range for protection during outdoor activities, like outdoor dinners, picknicks and camping activities. We know that mosquitoes and other insects are not invited guests at your table! So keep them out with our functional and trendy products that makes every dining experience more fun, comfortable and safe.

Our Outdoor range contains many useful product items such as flowerpots, tablecloth hangers and placemats in funky designs and colors. These products belong in every home, balcony or garden and make memorable and practical gifts for family and friends.

The all new innovative 2 in 1 cosmetics, the flagship products of MosquitNo!

Protect yourself against the sun and against mosquitoes at once! Through a joint development MosquitNo has created a new cosmetics series protecting against the sun and the mosquitoes! We already see a huge demand for our 2in1 solution. The active ingredient Saltidin® is used in the MosquitNo Cosmetics line. Saltidin® is as effective as DEET, but it is non toxic. Saltidin® is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best healthy alternative for DEET. Our cosmetics will protect you against all mosquitoes and horse flies, ticks and midges. Saltidin® is effective against the Aedes mosquito which transmits diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya and Zika.