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There is a place on earth where you are free to do whatever you want. The great thing about it is: you can go there whenever you want. That place is right there inside your head, where ideas and fantasies are created. That's where Oilily feels most at ease. This place forms the magical backdrop to the scents of Oilily.

Immerse yourself into a dream world where only your imagination determines the direction!

In 1989, Oilily introduced - as the first fashion brand - an eau the perfume for children called 'Oilily'. Unique is the fact that this perfume was developed by a 'professional nose' in collaboration with 50 highly motivated Oilily fans from 6 to 16 years. Girls from all parts of the world and all members of the Oilily fan club.

'Oilily' grew into a global bestseller.

The world has changed a great deal in the last quarter-century. Oilily, however, carries on exploiting its creativity and originality. The packaging regularly receives a remarkable restyling.

The new neon pink can with a cover of colorful flowers on the lid is a real collector item! The story of the Oilily Eau de Parfum is depicted in a small book, which is in the box together with flower seeds. These seeds grow into the beautiful colorful flowers, which are the basic ingredients of the perfume.

The fragrance has now carried many names like Oilily, Oilily Kids, Oilily Flowers, Oilily Classic, and is now wearing her original name 'Oilily'.

The beloved aroma that has enchanted girls, teenagers and young women, remains unchanged. This unique and timeless perfume remains the all-time favorite for girls and women with a young heart.

Pamper yourself with the irresistible scent of Oilily's bath products.

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